Offers development and integration of reliable and user-friendly USSD and SMS Applications.

We will consult with you integrate to your backend, integrate with the new ethio telecom mobile money, apply for and activate your USSD code and manage and monitor the service for you.

USSD Gateway

USSD Gateway is one of the first fully modular USSD Gateways available on the market. It is suitable for all mobile network technologies and carrier sizes, enables interworking between 2G, 3G, and IP-based core networks, and is fully 4G LTE compliant.

USSD Gateway complies with GSM phase 1 and phase 2 standards for push and pull session-based USSD services, and enables operators to tap into new revenue streams.

USSD Gateway’s open design enables it to seamlessly combine and connect with various platforms supplied by different vendors, which enables operators to combine USSD service with other types of mobile services, like text messaging services, collect call/SMS services, mobile banking services, etc. to create unique service offerings no other operators have in their portfolios. Integration with USSD Gateway is easy and straightforward and significantly shortens the Time-to-Market.

USSD Gateway can be deployed as a standalone module, or integrated into scalable multiple services value-added platform.

This USSD Gateway interfaces the GSM network (MSC / HLR) with the USSD Application Server, converting USSD message content into XML code in a fully bi-directional way.

It supports multiples connections for redundancy and load sharing.

USSD App functions

           Air-time Management (balance query, top-up, transfer)

           Customer Self Care (data bundle subscription, VAS subscription, tariff-plan selection)

           Social Networking & Internet (Facebook, Search)

           Infotainment (News, Sports, Horoscope)

           m-Commerce (Banking, Wallet, Micro-payment)

           Call Request and Set-up (Call-Me-Back, Collect Call, Roamer Callback)

           Ringback Tone selection

           Advertising (in Balance-Query Responses)

           Drives rapid deployment of services

           Enhances uptake of services

           Cost-effective solution

by: System Admin

Post date: 2021-04-17